Drum Kit Diagrams

I’ve always had fun exploring new setups with my drums.  I find that it adds a sense of adventure as I play and explore the different rhythms and melodies that come up naturally.  Below you’ll find various setups that I’m using right now and even some that I’ve used for specific shows in the past.  Check ‘em out!

Recording Kit – This is the drum kit we used to record our new album.  It’s very similar to the Any Given Sunday setup, with an expanded cymbal palette.



Any Given Sunday – The standard setup we use at Newspring in the main sanctuary for the weekend services.  I’ve been really impressed with the quality of these drums – especially for the price!



Elecoutsic Kit – This fun little kit is something that I’ve started using at church whenever we do unplugged service (oh the irony!).  I use the Octapad to get percussion sounds like congas and timbales and the acoustic drums fill in for straight up grooves.  This kit is a lot of fun to play!



Broadway! - Check out the kit that I played during most of my time at Crown Uptown Professional Dinner Theater/