Free Drum Lessons | Drumset Rudiments Pt. 2: Flammed Mills

So last week we looked at the Ratamacue and how we could apply it as a cool fill on the drumset.  This week, we’re gonna work on a groove based on Flammed Mills.  This one’s not so hard.  Just remember that a Mill is just backward paradiddle (don’t ask me why they called it a Mill and not a backward paraddile, I don’t make the rules).  Then we’re just gonna put a flam on the front.  Here’s what it looks like:

To apply this to the drumset, just put the right hand on the hats or ride cymbal (or the cowbell, or rims, or whatever).  For you visual learners, here’s what it looks like:

Now just add some kick drum to the bottom and you get a cool groove like this:

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