Free Drum Lessons: All That Other Gear Pt. 1: Drum Thrones

So, we spend all day in our local drum shops banging on cymbals and drooling over snare drums. We argue endlessly about our favorite drumheads and try sticks for hours on end. But, for most of us, that’s about as far as our gear conversations go. But there’s a whole ‘nother world of gear that gets ignored, and it’s my goal to shed some light on this pieces of drummer gold in the next few lessons. Today we’ll kick the series off with a discussion on drum thrones. You know, that place where your keister rests for marathon practice sessions and endless nights of the dullest musicals known to man.

For me the drum throne is as important as any pedal or drumhead that’s connected to my kit. If I’m not comfortable on my throne, then my all of my playing will feel awkward or even painful. I can remember one gig not that long ago when I had to buy a cheap stool for the show. My rear end was sore before intermission and I was near tears by the end of the show each night.

But what makes a good drum throne?  Let’s check it out:

  • Comfortability: Well . . . Duh!  A comfy seat is the key for me. I like tractor or bicycle seats because they supply just enough support while staying out of the way of my legs. Roc n Soc probably has the nicest seat cushions, but any high-end throne will have something nice.
  • Adjustability. Number 2 on my list is quick and easy adjustability. For me, that means a hydraulic lift that is not only quick but infinitely adjustable. It just makes life easier. Most all manufacturers have a hydraulic option now.
  • Back Rest. Maybe I’m old, or fat, or lazy (or maybe all three) but I’ve come to really appreciate a back rest on my throne. I find that it helps remind me to relax while I play. Nowadays I like to sit fairly close to my drums and rest my back on my throne. Then I can comfortably reach out to get to my drums and cymbals. Mind you, I’m not leaning back into my throne. I’m just sitting in a manner that lets the throne support my back as I play.
  • Add in a light weight construction and quick collapsing legs for easy transport and you have the perfect throne.

For me, that means the DW 9000 Airlift Throne with the tractor seat and back rest options. All together that throne will run about $270 before tax. That’s a bit pricey, but trust me when I tell you it’s an investment well worth every penny!

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