Free Drum Lessons | Gettin’ Groovy: the Train Beat

Calling Johnny Cash!  Here’s one of those beats that’s simple to understand but hard to play. The trick is to keep the accents in the snare in sync with your kick drum and then let the inner beats fall. As usual, practice this one slowly until you can get it to lock in with a click. Then start slowly increasing the speed until you get to the target tempo, right around 150 bpm. Once you’ve got it, start playing with the accents to keep the groove leaning forward.

Train Beat

For some inspiration, check out Brad Paisley with Ben Sesar playing drums on this track, Mr. Policeman. Or how about Carter Beauford with Dave Matthews Band playing Two Step.

And I don’t want to hear any country bashers talking smack on this one. I’ve used this in pep bands, country bands, worships bands, and more. It’s a pretty universal groove.

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