Free Drum Lessons | Summer Drumline Prep Pt 5

Only two weeks left in our Drumline Prep series. Click here to check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of our lesson. Also, you can download the PDS Stickline Technical Manual that we’re using.

Today it’s back to the ol’ grind stone – nothing flashy or extravagant with this exercise. It’s your basic Duple Roll Grid (#9 in the book). Diligently work this one and pay attention to the quality of your diddles. Just like the Double Stroke, time spent on this exercise will pay dividends when it comes time to perform.

Here’s this week’s rules:

  1. Do I need to say it?  Use a metronome!  Start this off very slowly, concentrating on each diddle. Make sure they’re even in spacing and in sound.
  2. No accents!  The natural tendency with the Duple Roll Grid is to accent each diddle. Fight this urge and maintain a consistent volume throughout the diddles and rolls.
  3. Push through the rolls. There can be an inclination to get lazy towards the end of the longer rolls. Don’t get lazy!  Push through the rolls – not in tempo, but just give it a very slight crescendo. That will help keep the intensity of the diddles flowing.

Once you’ve worked the Duple Rolls to your satisfaction, move on to exercises #10 and #11 to further develop your rolls.

One more exercise and you should be all ready for marching season.

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