Gig Diary | My first studio recording experience.

Last week, the Newspring Band spent a few days at GreenJeans Studios in Wellington recording some tracks for a new album we hope to be released in the fall.  We had a blast and things went really smoothly.  In fact we intended to record four tracks a day, but we got nine done on Monday.  Things were flowing so easily that we ended up adding tunes to our list.  Carter Green did a great job in capturing a nice big sound for me on the drums.  At first I thought he was going for some sort of Bon Jovi-arena-rock sound with tons of reverb.  But hearing the final product in the control room – the drums sounded deep, live, and warm.  I was really pleased.

I took my new Gretsch Renown Maple kit with me (10, 12, 14, 20).

My Gretsch kit set up in GreenJeans Studios

I have been so very happy with these drums.  The sound is really warm and round on the toms and the kick has just enough punch – especially when mic’d.  I took every snare I own with me (’cause that’s the kind of nerd my wife tells me I am).  But we ended up only using the DW 14 x 5 Edge.  We tried my Black Panther 14 x 5.5 Maple, but we couldn’t get enough of a full bodied sound.  All that gear schlepped around for nothing – alas.  For the plates we used my Sabians: 13  AAX Fast Hats, 14 AAX Dark Crash, 17 HHX Evolution Crash, 18 HHX Studio Crash, 21 HHX Groove Ride, 10 AAX Splash, and 19 AAX-treme Chinese.  Good sound on the plates too – everything was punchy and bright without being rude.  Tasty stuff.

The highlight of the sessions turned into a low-light for me.  Overall, I liked my playing, but I missed a couple of fills that had to be replaced and had a couple of moments that just didn’t come out the way I heard them in my head.  On the last night in the studio, we recorded “Nothing But the Blood” by Matt Redman.  I was ecstatic with my playing on that tune.  I was laid back, in the pocket, and tasty.  I had a lot of nice moments where I didn’t play and the track had a great feel to it.  But it all got dumped.  I was just laying down a scratch track for the guitarists so they could their parts recorded.  The next day, Josh Gonzales came in and played the final track.  Josh played some great stuff and did an amazing job.  I just wish I had gotten something recorded that was as good as what I played for that tune.

Overall, it was a great experience.  Like always, Im grateful to Lance and Newspring for giving me the opportunity to play a gig like this.  It’s just so cool!

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  1. 2.53 – Starting here I had a ‘spiritual musical moment’ (haha) with the way he plays from there to the end. Love those accents.

    3.15 – My other ‘moment’.

    Hmmm…this guy kinda makes me happy about drummers the way you make me happy. ;)


  2. You had plenty of highlights in the studio as far as I’m concerned. I’m pretty pleased with the album and I think everyone else will love it too.
    BTW, like the new blog…keep up the writing!

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